Monday, July 9, 2012

NEWS: Two Dramas and an Instant Love

# Author Say to Reviewers: Get Right With God
posted on 9 July 2012
Another author went on a tirade this week.
Note: it's the last news piece. I agree, the review is tame. More importantly, it doesn't attack the author. The book contains a subject of sensitive nature — a school shooting — so I believe the author should have expected there will be a few readers who will find it distasteful.

posted on 9 July 2012
Now, I know the physical ARCs don't belong to me, but the intellectual content does...I don't want my ARC to go to a small used bookstore [or] a struggling public library [or] a deserving teenager—even one who is underprivileged
I don't think the author understand the difference between intellectual content and physical ARCs. One is copyright infringement and the other is ownership right, respectively. (I'm 90% sure I'm using these terms right).

I see the author is posting (ranting) from a place of emotion, a place where she doesn't want any reader to see how bad the non-final version of the story is, that she want readers to see her best work possible. I'm guessing if she had her way, there wouldn't be an ARC, both physical or digital, of her book to begin with. She should have taken the issue to her publisher instead of venting it out to reviewers.

I agree with her opinion that ARC are poor quality of the book — they're ARC after all, but I disagree with her opinion (demand) to tell reviewers what to do with ARCs.

On another point, AFAIK publishers want reviewers to pass on physical ARCs. This is the first time I'm hearing I'm this No-No rule. Mixed message, much?

source: tumblr

# Please Make YA Romance Realistic
posted on 21 June 2012
While I get that teen hormones are raging and the devastation of a breakup of a two week old “romance” is a common occurrence in the real world, I feel like in many YA books it’s taken to the extreme and it kind of drives me bat shit crazy.
I share the same complain. YA is flooded with instant love. Whatever happen to getting to know people? I don't believe in love at first sight; I believe in lust at first sight. Hormones, people. Hormones.

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