Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NEWS: Of Silencing, Stalking, Deceiving, and Forgiving.

posted on 17 July 2012
It’s so much worse than that. Something is very wrong with us, and by “us” I mean the online community of (largely) women authors and readers. What is wrong is the “outing,” threatening, shaming, and silencing of readers who are perceived to be too critical of or hostile to authors. And for those in this online community who believe that this is not their concern or their harm, I would ask them to think again.
The conversation is still going strong.The following emoticon pretty much sum up the feelings of everyone (including me) there:

# What It's Like To Be Stalked
posted on 17 July 2012
This week, shortly after writing a status update about feeling stalked, I received a call. A woman said, "We can find you, bitch" and then hung up.
The Site That Must Not Be Linked escalate the already heinous situation.

# Should bloggers charge for reviews?
posted on 16 July 2012
The bloggers that are charging writers $95 for favourable reviews have contacted me to tell me that my comments are unethical and illegal.
Those people aren't book bloggers, they're marketers in the disguise of bloggers. I appreciate the author following up on her post by explaining the difference.

# Cash-for-reviews: thanks, we don't want them
posted on 18 July 2012
Websites, if you are charging writers for reviews, you are not a book blog, you are a marketing site. Please call yourself that, because to do otherwise muddies the waters, confuses readers and gives book bloggers a bad reputation.

# Direct from GR: Author Apologized for His Jerky Attitude
posted on 18 June 2012
He was very upfront and apologetic about what happened and seems to be sincere.
Kira, the reviewer who the author offended and ignited a shitstorm, agrees to bury the hatchet (17 July 2012).

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