+  About me
Hello. My name is Experiment BL626, and I am a reading addict. You can reach me at Twitter and Goodreads.

About this blog
For the backstory of my blog's name, click here. My blog was made possible by the following people and websites:
Thank you all!

+  About what I blog
Tolerably Smart is a book blog. I blog reviews, and I mostly review...
  • urban fantasy (a.k.a. paranormal because they don't always take place in the city)
  • m/m romance (Like Harlequin romance but gay)
  • young adult (of the science-fiction and fantasy varieties. I get contemporary in RL already, tyvm)
Occasionally, I also blog news, i.e. collection of links I find around the internet that may or may not be new news.

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I reserve the right to moderate comments in any way I want. Rude comments and spam will be deleted on sight.Welcome to the tyranny of Experiment BL626. Please enjoy your stay, or not. I'm god of my own space, what do I give a shit. :p