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REVIEW: Hung Hunk Tales by Troy M. Grant

Hung Hunk TalesHung Hunk Tales by Troy M. Grant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hung Hunk Tales features guys with big dick as its main kink in its anthology of gay erotica. Other kinks include spontaneous sex, bareback sex, popping cherries, and physically smaller tops. There is a slight D/s-esque tone in most of these stories.

The short stories are largely formulaic: shy guy see hung hunk, shy guy stalk hung hunk, hung hunk see shy guy, hung hunk grab shy guy and then make shy guy blow him and lastly penetrate him. The 8 short stories total to an approximate count of 20,500 words and are written in 1st PoV.

The Stories

Baseball Bargain follows the formula. It is told from Nate's side. Eric the physically smaller top see Eric peeking and soon he is topping Nate. This story is one of the four that use condom in its sex scene.

Shower Sub Service is the near same as its predecessor. It is told from Gavin's side. Instead of Eric, it is Ross who is the physically smaller top.

Size Counts slightly deviates from the formula. It is told from Jake's side. Jake isn't submissive and shy as the previous two protagonists were. There are a total of three sex scenes, two short ones at the start and one long at the end. The two short ones are blowjobs Jake received from his friends. The long one take place the next year where Jake loses his virginity with Luke the physically smaller top.

Small Town, Big Dick is non-formulaic. It is told from Jimmy's side, the top's side. It is a May/December pairing. Jimmy meets "daddy" Scott, and then tops him. It the second story to use condom.

Jungle Fuck is also non-formulaic. The narrator and his friend Ike have a menage a trois with some "jungle hunk." There is a masturbation scene and then all three young men blowjob each other.

Freshman Innocence continues the formula, with a few differences. It is told from Dan's side, Dan the physically smaller hung hunk who gets drooled over. Chip the college jock tops Dan. It is the third story to use condom.

Foreign Temptation is the near same as Small Town, Big Dick but opposite and with one pleasant surprise. It is a May/December pairing and is told from the middle age man. He gets topped by Armando, the young hung hunk. The ending is a HEA, making this short story an erotic romance, imo, instead of an erotica.

He’s No Angel is somewhat formulaic. It told from Ben's side and Ben is submissive but he isn't shy to get what he wants an he wants Angel. Angel is nicknamed so his face but his attitude is that of a demon. The demon-like top insults Ben, make Ben BJ him, and then penetrates Ben. The short story is the heaviest in its D/s-esque tone compared to the other short stories. It is the fourth and last story to use condom.


I rate the Hung Hunk Tales 3 stars for I liked it. The eight stories were successfully smutty. There were no editing errors I could see. Freshman Innocence and Foreign Temptation were my two favorite short stories.

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