Sunday, November 6, 2011

REVIEW: Man-to-Man Firsts by Diana Sheridan

Man-to-Man FirstsMan-to-Man Firsts by Diana Sheridan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Man-to-Man Firsts is an anthology of three short stories, all erotica by the one author. They are told in the 1st POV from the virgin bottom's perspective. Each story consist of one sex scene, each beginning with a blowjob and ending in anal sex (no pun intended). I recommend Man-to-Man Firsts for readers who in the mood for no-fuss, all-hot sex scenes.

Story 1: Learning Experience
A father wants his high school graduate son to learn responsibility now that the son is about to start college as a freshman. Thus the son goes to work for a friend of his dad who is gardener named Lou. Little did the son knows he would learn more than responsibility from working for Lou...

It's a inebriated experience the son will never forget.

Story 2: Heads or Tails
A high school senior is having trouble coming to term with his sexuality. After watching porn (hetero) with his friends last night, he woke up early in the morning with the realization that he was gay and not straight.

Troubled, he went out to the beach to relax. Soon he ended up relaxing more than ever he thought when he met a "lanky towhead" named Todd...who also confessed to being gay.

"Relaxing" on the beach has taken a whole new meaning for the coming-out teenager.

Story 3: The Construction Stud's Hammer
A loan officer always had sex with girls but never with guys. Yet that doesn't stop him from looking at other guys, admiring their physical traits, and wondering what it would be like if he did.

And he continues to wonder so at work in face of handsome construction foreman named Sean. Luckily, Sean is of like mind...

The loan officer's lustful thoughts soon become hot action at Sean's house.


That is how I would blurbed/summarized the stories, however amateurishly. =P The sex scenes were enjoyable, so I give Man-to-Man Firsts 3 stars for an I-liked-it.

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