Tuesday, March 13, 2012

REVIEW: Subtle Experiments by Stephanie Dart

Subtle Experiments Subtle Experiments by Stephanie Dart
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Subtle Experiment is a 3200-words story that is split into three parts: Childhood, High School, and College. Each part contains one scene, all three scenes showing Josh's interaction with Chance. Told in 1st PoV from Josh's side, the story chronicle Josh's slow acceptance of his sexuality and ultimately himself. Coupled with the coming-out plot is the development of the relationship between Josh and Chance, hence the reason for why Chance is in all three scenes.

Though the story was very short, it told alot. I learned Chance's father is the reason why Chance has no problems with gay people because his father is gay — who probably taught Josh to be open-minded as I deduced and assumed. I learned Josh's grandparents is the reason why Josh refused to accept that's he gay. I got the impression that Josh was an orphan living under the guardianship of his grandparents which explains how they greatly influenced him with their bigotry.

I had difficulty liking Josh in the beginning of the story. I read how he started smoking in his childhood as a way to fit in — which was stupid, imo, because 1) it hardly worked and 2) resulted in a filthy habit from Childhood to High school. Based on what happened in Childhood and High School, I got the impression that Josh self-ostracized himself more than his peers ostracizing him. Only Chance was ever there for Josh, even when Chance was a popular jock in high school and there were gay rumors about him and Josh.

The ending was nice, but I felt 2/3 satisfied with it. From Childhood to College, Josh was a grumpy misfit. I couldn't empathize with Josh, he needed an attitude adjustment. Moreover, I wish the ending was longer or there was an extra part showing Josh being happy and nicer. With Chance, of course. I like the story mostly because of Chance and because of the cover-art.

Overall, the short was nice. I rate it 2-stars for it was okay. It would have been three-stars had Josh showed some character development, i.e. an attitude adjustment.

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