Thursday, July 5, 2012

NEWS: walmart to library, DNF review or no, LGBT YA pride

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# Abandoned Walmart Transformed Into A Functioning Library
posted on 28 June 2012
The International Interior Design Association recently selected the McAllen Public Library as the winner of their 2012 Library Interior Design Competition. The city inherited the former Wal-Mart after the retailer closed the store and abandoned it.
That's really cool. Wish I could visit there.

# DNFs – To Review or Not to Review?
posted on 5 July 2012
To call a person that reviews a book that they didn’t finish “unethical” is crossing the line though.
Personally, I don't do DNF review but it's only because I'm too stubborn/stupid to DNF books.

# YA Pride: 2012 LGBT YA by the numbers
posted on 25 June 2012
55 young adult books published in 2012 include LGBT main characters or are about LGBT people
I wonder what the number of books would be if we include LGBT side but still important characters.

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