Friday, January 25, 2013

NEWS: sex in YA Romance, sex in literature, writing non-western fantasy, 2 giveaways, alien vs ignorance

# Sex Content in YA Romance from the M/M Romance Community's POV (2013 January 11)
"Interestingly, there is no corresponding lack of extreme and excessive violence. Do our authors think that brutal and gory violence is more acceptable than sex in young adult romances?"
Sex scenes in YA is a foregone issue for me. I'm more worried about whether the romance is abusive or not. Visit my GR thread to see the discussion. On a related note, link via Wave...

A List of Published Fiction Containing Illegal Sexual Activities (2007 May 30)
"There are texts on here that are pillars of the literary canon, and there is shameless porn that comes wrapped in brown paper. There is material that condemns the illegal sex, material that celebrates it, and everything in between."
So if it's classified as literature, it's okay... O.o

# Writing Non-Western Fantasy for the Unqualified (2013 January 21)
"If I only wrote what I’m qualified to write, then all my stories would be about sheltered white girls in the suburbs."
I would love to read more Asian fantasy.

Giveaway News

YA blog Sparkles and Lightning has two giveaways! A Very Merry Christmas which ends on ends January 29, 2013 open to all readers and New Year 2013 Giveaway which ends on ends February 5, 2013 for those readers who love YA.

Best of luck... not! I wanna win! Give me all your luck! >:D

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