Monday, January 14, 2013

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# “Why do you write strong female characters?” (2012 December 31)
"The heart of the question implies that if a male character is 'strong' that’s to be expected, because boys and men are strong. Normal. Default. Go about your business."
On the flip side, when I think of "strong male characters," I think of wish-fulfillment and Gary Stus.

# Online Book Reviews: Games People Play (2013 January 6)
"But I admit to extreme naiveté. I knew nothing of the rampant gaming of online book reviews or the bizarre culture of Amazon reviewing."
Yeah... I'm going to keep not reviewing on Amazon.

# Can I Learn to Read Faster? (2013 January 4)
"Another trick often associated with speed reading is skimming the text."
That's the trick I use. Not every word or chapter is golden.

Yaoi Freebie

Not Yours, Am I? Volume 1 by Cinnamon Rub

Picture of the Day

This is a shoe. One odd looking shoe. Click here for more info.

The Mojito Shoe

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