Wednesday, January 16, 2013

REVIEW: Retrovirus by Image Comics

Retrovirus Retrovirus by Image Comics
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Retrovirus was unexpectedly not full of T&A shots, only 3-5 pages of them at the most. It would have been easy to go there because Zoe was the only female character in 98% of the story, surrounded by men, half of which didn’t bother hiding their disgusting lust towards Zoe. Thankfully, Zoe’s sexuality was never used against her or a part of the conflict.

I really liked Zoe. She was smart. She was driven. She didn’t let anyone push her around. I liked how she was actually one of the violent characters in the story.

What I didn’t care for were the male stereotypes. The men were either sexually uninhibited and sexists with shades of arrogance, or meek and naive and overall expendable, or thick-headed muscle dudes. Zoe was the only character who seemed to defy stereotypes and really the only likeable character around.

In Conclusion

I rate Retrovirus 3-stars for I liked it. The plot was action-packed. The pseudo-science was sufficiently believable. The art was great; there was nothing for me to nitpick. The ending was a tad rushed but it was satisfactory. I loved the romance that occurred at the last minute; Zoe deserved it.

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