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REVIEW: From the Ashes by Adrien-Luc Sanders

From the Ashes (Fires of Redemption, #1)From the Ashes by Adrien-Luc Sanders
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

CAUTION: Spoilers

I so much wanted to like this book, but couldn’t because of this one issue.

+ the protagonist

The story was told in 1st person POV exclusively from the Tobias’s side, and he was everything I could have hoped for. He was crafty, cynical and merciless. Okay, I admit it; he was a wee more merciless than I was comfortable with. I didn’t like that he disposed his dim-witted, ex-boyfriend who got easily manipulated by the hero’s suspicious, keen classmate. Okay, fine, kill the classmate, but did you have to kill your BF? Dude was dim-witted; lies would have sufficed. FYI, this was not an actual scene but like a brief flashback embedded in the hero’s internal monologue. Still, it bothered me. A wee bit too merciless.

The dude was an assassin, a believable, honest-to-hell assassin, so I dealt. I like assassin characters. I really felt for the guy.

+ the ending, a.k.a. that one issue

Spoilers ahoy.

The climax was great, but then it got ruined by the entrance of the love interest which caused the hero to turn his back on everything to grab true love. It’s not the true love that bothered me, I’m all for that. It’s how abruptly and unbelievably the hero had his change of heart, from being a villain to a hero, from disbelieving to believing in true love.

I love HEA, assassins, a redeemed protagonist, true love but come on. It needed to be believable. It needed to be properly developed. One does not drop their evil life like *fingersnap* that.

In Conclusion

I rate From the Ashes 2-stars for it was okay, and I am sad for rating it so. The unconvincing climax-to-HEA was a mood killer. Honestly, I really did want to like this book. It had everything I hoped for. It’s just... that ending. Humbug.

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