Monday, April 8, 2013

REVIEW: Plaza Place by Erin Shaw

Plaza PlacePlaza Place by Erin Shaw
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The mm-romance was about two silly idiots who were hot for each other but each thought the other was uninterested. It was a nice story but nothing specifically appealed to me and nothing connected with me.

The plot alternated between the two guys, Nate and Jordan, more on Nate than on Jordan. I didn't care for either guy, to be honest. I didn't like how obsessive they were about each other; it made me antsy. It didn't help that the writing felt neurotic overall, which exacerbated my cranky mood.

The smut was hot, but it was heavy on the foreplay/oral sex, which I honestly didn’t care for either. The chapters after the consummation didn't add anything substantial to the plot as they should have and, worse, they ended inappropriately like the end of the story rather than end of a chapter. Seriously, each time I finished the chapter I thought the story was over.

The only part I truly like was in the middle of the story when the office ladies, collectively known as the Coven, decided it was time for their co-workers Nate and Jordan to get together and forced Nate to play accomplice in the ladies’ scheme. Rock on, ladies.

In Conclusion

I rate Plaza Place 2-stars for it was okay. If you like the kink of a hung twink top, this free short story may be your cup of tea, smut-wise.

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