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REVIEW: A Trace of Moonlight by Allison Pang

A Trace of Moonlight (Abby Sinclair, #3) A Trace of Moonlight by Allison Pang
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

CAUTION: minor spoiler

Book 3 concluded the Abby Sinclair series, and it disappointed me — big time.

+ the plot

I was very relieved that the story allowed Abby to quickly regain her memory because the book would have been an insufferable read otherwise. In her amnesiac state, Abby was stupid and whiny. I thought after the memory-gain things would get better. I thought wrong. Things slowed down considerably, so slow that the the plot virtually went nowhere. I thought war was imminent because of what happened in book 2 and the resulting state of affairs in book 3, but apparently not. For two-third of the book, ennui smushed me.

The plot eventually picked up pace at the last third of the book, but it rolled off a cliff. The sense of urgency was dreadfully weak. The story tried to recuperate by slapping on a bunch of twists and turns, but it slapped on so much that it convoluted the plot and birthed ridiculous drama.

+ the romance

The romance was no better. It was an irritating mess. I expected book 3, as the final book of the series, to quickly resolve the love triangle, but no. The story was bent on stretching the stupid romance as long it could to the point that I just wanted to kick all the parties involved in the shin. I didn’t care who she picked; I just wanted the love triangle to end already. It should have ended in book fucking 2!

Abby finally picked a guy at the end of book 3, but much to my frustration the door was left open so that she could easily dump that guy and pick the other one later on. Or someone else entirely never introduced in the series because who knows. Damn girl was flaky. But oh no, this shit called romance got shittier!

Spoiler ahead.

Surprise! Abby got pregnant! I should have seen that coming because neither she nor her lover used protection. The story never told us who the father was because she had intercourse with both romance interests separately throughout the book. Dumbasses the three of them. It aggravated me that the story left the reader to imagine who the father could be.

I despise loose ends at the end of series; I despise it a lot when the story purposely and unnecessarily introduces a loose end at the end of a series because, hey, tightly wrapped-up endings are for losers, right? Fuck you, book!

+ the characters

Abby was an unremarkable heroine to say the very least. I really don’t see anything about her that earned her the romantic interest from a smoking hot incubus and a charming dutiful elf prince. *cough* Mary Sue! *cough*

Her perverted miniature unicorn sidekick was only funny in one scene; the rest of the time he was bland. His character no longer excited me as it did in book 1.

Frankly speaking, Abby, her unicorn sidekick, and her romantic interests were not compelling enough for their story to last a trilogy. The cast shilled me.

In Conclusion

I begrudgingly rate A Trace of Moonlight 2 stars for it was okay. Book 1 was the best of the series, book 3 was the worst. Overall, the series was painfully mediocre. For a story that involved the race of humans, elves, and daemons and threatened their fate and all the worlds, it was utterly UN-fucking-epic. I do not recommend the series.

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