Monday, May 13, 2013

REVIEW: Taming the Bander by Summer Devon

Taming the Bander Taming the Bander by Summer Devon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Despite being an atypical shapeshifter romance and the absence of insta-love, the book was uninspiring. I cared little for the couple. Their relationship lacked that indescribable quality that makes me believe they belong together.

As individuals, the characters were dull. Jake was aloof to the extent of obliviousness; dude was a dope. I found it somewhat difficult scrounging up pity for him when he and his cousin got betrayed, embezzled, and lost their wealth. Vaughn was supposed to be this grouchy, hurting guy, but I found him rude and a shade of selfish. He was also a shade of flaky; dude keep oscillating between like and dislike/distrust/avoidance for Jake.

I breezed through the book without ever once connecting to any character or concern for what would happen. The most I ever felt was that I wanted the crook to be caught and the money be returned to the victims, and that’s only because I dislike the idea of unresolved betrayals.

The world building was a little puzzling. It never gave a clear cut answer as to whether the existence of shapeshifters was this secret everyone knows but doesn’t speak of or if it was truly a secret and would change the entire world if people found out. I tried to grasp Vaughn's concern about hiding his secret but it was hard when he didn’t particularly do much to keep it as a secret. Who the hell shapeshifts in an area that anybody can easily wander across?

In Conclusion

I rate Taming the Bander 2-stars for it was okay. The book was a forgettable read.

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