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REVIEW: Reactivated by Caitlin West

Reactivated (Killer Contingency, #1) Reactivated by Caitlin West
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Characters were poorly developed. The plot was infuriatingly incomplete.

+ the characters

Ardan was established as a disciplined assassin, but the carefree way he acted towards Brad vastly undermined his role. He recently completed a mission so to have a stranger like Brad come up and chat him should have put Ardan on alert. Ardan should have been suspicious of Brad and done a background check at the least. Should have this, should have that — Ardan never did. Instead, what I got was a clumsy getting to know each other that quickly devolved into insta-love.

Meanwhile, while one character betrayed his character development, the other had none. I learned many things about Brad, e.g. his likes and dislikes, but none of it revealed to me who Brad was as a person. He was an American businessman of some sort; that’s all I got. He could have been anyone, anybody and it wouldn’t have made a difference in the book.

+ the plot

The romance was contrived and thin. It was thin because of the numerous flashbacks and introspections. The only thing decent about it was the one smut scene. If the romance was contrived and thin, the plot was even more contrived and thinner. The actual plot didn’t commence till after the smut scene and it was at the end. At the end!

Out of nowhere, Ardan got discovered by a random American government agent and emotionally blackmailed, because of Brad, into serving the agent’s interests. WTF. After only knowing Brad for a few days and a one night fuck, Ardan was willing to do anything to protect Brad from harm.

Cue to the epilogue that made the entire book a prelude. A prelude! Book 1 wasn't a complete story, but a prelude.

In Conclusion

I rate Reactivated 2-stars for it was okay. The only thing I liked about the book was the smooth writing because it kept the full force of my anger at bay.

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