Review Policy

+  Regarding review request
I am not accepting requests.

Regarding my rating standard
I rate according to my enjoyment and the likelihood of re-readability. I follow Goodreads' rating standard.

1 star - didn't like it
2 stars - it was ok
3 stars - liked it
4 stars - really liked it
5 stars - it was amazing

Substitute it with my definition, and it's more like this...

1 star - Ugh. Next book, please!
2 stars - Meh. One read is good enough.
3 stars - This is good. I might re-read it.
4 stars - This is great! Re-reading my favorite parts now.
5 stars - Sorry, Neil Gaiman, but author is my bitch now! I demand more!

My baseline is 2-stars, hence my seemingly harsh standard. Most books we read are average so a 2-stars rating for me means average. I reserve my 1-star for books I truly detest.

Regarding not yet released books
You're talking about ARCs. I request them from publishers at NetGalley in exchange for an honest and critical review.

Regarding future reviews
Look at the bottom of this webpage, the footer, to see the books I will review. I aim to review every book I request at NetGalley.

Regarding Amazon
I am an Amazon affiliate. If you click on the Amazon links from my review posts here and buy the book afterward, I get a commission (a few paltry pennies) for the referral.

Due to the severe lack of user control over review-space and the rule against profanity, I do not post my review on Amazon. I only post them at Goodreads and here on my book blog.

+  Regarding search
If you're looking for a particular review of mine, the best way to do it is to search here on my review shelf at Goodreads. You must log in to Goodreads to use. (Yes, I am aware Blogspot has a search widget, but it doesn't work for me.)