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REVIEW: Again by Mary Calmes

Again Again by Mary Calmes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

CAUTION: Spoilers

A Harlequin-like story. Instead of a baby-mommmy story, it's a baby-daddy story. The alpha-guy isn't a millionaire, billionaire, sheik, king, prince, CEO, etc... he's CIA...

Dislike 1: The plot device of having the current boyfriend to be a total douchebag so that the protagonist can move on to love their supposed-soulmate guilt-free. Often used in Harlequin and Harlequin-esque romances.

But was Keith really a douchebag? I mean, both Keith and Noah knew the relationship was not exclusive. I would goes as far to say Keith wasn't even a boyfriend but a sex buddies to Noah. (They may not had anal sex, but oral sex is still sex.) The only "wrong" I can see was Keith using their hotel room when Grace (Noah's kid) is present to shag someone else.

And why did Noah bother to apologize to Keith once Keith realizes Noah basically did the same thing — "cheating" on Keith with Dante? Seriously. I think author was forcing the story to make Keith the bad guy. I rather had the author give Noah and Keith an amicable breakup...Hell, it wasn't even a breakup since there wasn't a commitment from the start. I don't understand why it was so hard for Noah to admit that they were doing the friends-with-benefit deal.

Like 1: Dante.

Some people thought he was too pushy, but I like his alpha-tude. And it made sense to me because after five years discovering that it was all just a Big Misunderstanding (another overused plot device), he did not want to lose the opportunity to reunite with Noah, especially when it also meant losing Grace, his own daughter. He wanted no chance for failure.

Dislike 2: The Big Misunderstanding plot device. When breaking up with someone, do it face to face, literally listing the reasons for the breakup. Otherwise, this would lead to the Big Misunderstanding where each assume something wrong about the other.

In this story, it was Noah assuming Dante loves Cassandra because he did not know their kiss was an act as part of their CIA job. And Dante assuming Noah didn't love him anymore because of some false letters. Had they brokeup face to face, they would have realize Beck, Dante's boss, was screwing them both.

Like 2: Family.

I like how family was the backdrop for the entire story with Noah's sister getting married and Dante's family vacationing for their reunion.

Overall, this was a sweet and short story. 4 stars for a I-really-like-it.

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